A Year in Review and What is Next


I made a decision to not post as much on this blog over the past year. Despite reaching upwards of 300,000 views in the past 1.5 years, I wasn’t seeing the positive feedback I was hoping for. Not compliments, but increase knowledge around animations, and just a general positive impact on the community.

I now realize I was wrong. Over the course of the year many people have been posting new animated blog tutorials. I won’t go through my entire twitter timeline but one recently was from someone who posted an animation tutorial.

Lurking in chat channels, many have been helping others with animations and referencing my blog as where they learned. It’s a good feeling. This year I will return to the blog.

Making Money

This blog has made me $0 directly (except a $20 bitcoin gift, thanks Daniel). Indirectly it has been invaluable for being a resource where people learn my name, and attach it to things they’ved learned. Things that have helped them wow their coworkers, make an interaction a touch better, or just learn something that helps them ship that next feature.

I don’t believe donations are sustainable. Every resource that is valuable and sustainable are all charging money like React Training, or anything from Wes Bos, and anyone else that is selling courses like educative.io.

I enjoy helping people but 75% of what I build/write/etc from now on will cost money ( or earn me money in some way).

What Have I Been Doing

Living my life I suppose. One thing I’ve been doing is consuming way too much. Consuming others knowledge is fun and valuable but I personally have not be investing.

I’m trying to fix this. I’m trying to consume less but that’s a work in progress.

Since I’ve been trying to focus on creationg I’ve done some Egghead work. It’s been great and Egghead is fantastic!

You can check out my first course Animate React Native UI Elements
You can check out all my lessons here Instructor – Jason Brown

More courses and lessons are on the way. 1 course is completed, and the other is in production.

A Year to Reboot

It’ll be a good year to reboot, and I’m definitely not waiting till the new year starts to take action.

My plans will include.

  • Heavier time investment in open source
    — I contribute where I want but I’d like a few open source projects to maintain.

  • Dumping knowledge into more outlets
    — Including more egghead, blog posts, my own knowledge base sites, interactive tutorials

  • Consume less, Create more
    — Catching up on the latest things at night, not the instant it happens

  • Better time management
    — Not much needs to be said here, but maintaining a healthy life style along w/ accomplishing all of this will be difficult

  • Say No more often
    — This plays into time management, but saying no to things I know I don’t really want to do will be crucial

  • New Technologies
    — I’ve been very focused on JS land. It’s fun but I need to expand my breadth of knowledge. Basically be a better T-Shaped person.


It’s been a good year for me personally. Excited for 2017. Looking forward to whatever the hell happens.

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