Progress reports

After stumbling upon and all the awesome things he was doing I noticed that he would post progress reports each month. I often attempt at keeping a daily/weekly journal of sorts but it never pans out. I’ve been trying to get into a decent state of mind to start serious personal development both in my projects and just myself. Reflecting on accomplishments each month is a great way to keep track of that growth. I would always get so in depth and fine-grained with everything that I did that it was pointless. I had some fantasy that if I kept a good enough diary that if I was rich and famous in the future that people would want to read my story. I’d have an account of every little thing that I did and people could attempt to replicate it to a T. Typing that out just sounds insane.

Where I go from here we shall see. I have a few goals I’d like to accomplish for 2014 but am going to take it one week at a time. Weeks seem like they are small enough that I can sit down on a Sunday and plan out what I want to accomplish by the next Sunday. With little weekly notes I can compile the monthly progress report. Planning stuff out will be a new concept for me since I generally shoot from the hip and do what I feel like.

Some of my goals for 2014

  • Become a bigger contributor to Ractive.JS
  • Do a public talk at a meetup on any subject
  • Start my own library and get some small adoption. Currently focused on NonRTE (what a terrible name)
  • Do freelancing/client work one client at a time in technologies I’m not as experienced in (have people pay me to learn). One new one every 2 months.
  • More meetups ( at least 3 a month ), more free coding on other projects that have some sort of benefit to the world ( hackoregon, etc)
  • Code Every Day. Simple. I must write code, documentation, a blog post, anything worth while and it must be public and visible on github.
  • Work less hours, get more done in the 40 I’m paid for. I love work, I love my job but I work too much and in the end I’m working to accomplish someone elses dreams and not my own. I will focus on putting in a better 40 hours. How I do that I do not know but there are plenty of productivity methods I’d love to try and see what sticks.
  • Play with other technologies more. JavaScript is the future but I always enjoyed playing with other languages. I’ve some how lost this curiosity over the course of becoming an adult.
  • One blog post a week. This isn’t a tall order by any means. It can be a small tutorial on CSS, JS, cool things I saw. Just write something of value.

That’s a tall order for 2014 as it’s almost half way over but I’ll be turning 24. My 15 year old self said I’d be rich and retired at 21 so I’m already behind.

That’s it from me